Other options

The capsules are comprised of a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) skirt and an aluminium top disc (AL).

They are available for wine and olive oil bottles with the following characteristics:

  • The used PET in this type of capsules is heat-shrinkable.
  • Top in aluminium or without top.
  • Perforations in the upper part.
  • Top with ink printing or hot stamping, as well as with embossing or high embossing.
  • Skirt in PVC heat-shrinkable film.
  • Skirt with ink printing or hot stamping.
  • Tear off or perforated strip included (easy opening).

Capsule diameter: from 28 to 48mm; Height: 40 to 75mm.
For other customized measures, please contact us.

Colours and finishes:
Colours according to the selected pantones or produced in transparent PET.
Possibility of matt and / or glossy finish.

Capsules for wine bottles Cápsulas para botellas de vino